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The Duckies after a short break from the Christmast Tree Lot, return to Farmers Market at the Vet's Building.

And times like this make it all worthwhile
Come on down any Saturday that it's not raining and get a duck!
Vet Connect has partnered with BearHugGlobal to provide school supplies to veterans children, as well as needy children
in the community. Help us reach our goal by going HERE and donating whatever you can.
Somebody said that there was a Mystic Faire in the Vet's Hall and you couldn't keep the ducks away.
And the ducks misbehaved at the Rip City Riders Rally in Pengrove
It's May and with it comes "Wednesday Night Market
Where it's rumored that we get to flirt occasionally
Also the Santa Rosa Metro Chamber held it's 2018 Showcase Sonoma County Business Expo where we had a booth
On Friday, 5/18/2018 we had our 10 year dinner celebration
Click here for the pictures from this event
On the following Sunday after a great day for the Duckies at the Santa Rosa Rose Parade we were the guests of honor at Stumptown Brewery Birthday bash in Guerneville where we were presented with a nice check.
Click here for the pictures from that day
And whats a Wednesday Night Market without a visit from "THE FORCE?"
But nothing beats our own Vice President and DEADPOOL!
Memorial Day weekend started on Saturday, 5/26 at Montgomery Village on Veterans Appreciation Day
On Sunday was the Gool Ol Boys MC Run where we were presented this from an 8 year old boy
And on Monday, 5/28, we were at Franklin Cemetary where Bruce Thompson rests
Click here for more pictures from Memorial Day Weekend
In June there was the
And July brought the
And we were at both of them. Click HERE for the pictures from those two events
Dustin Sherman, the State Executive Officer of III% Nation / III% United Patriots of California presented us with a $1,000 check
And we had Dan McClaskell our Social Security Lawyer recognise Marlene Hewitt for her dedication to helping Veterans get into the system
That's a nice looking "Military Mom" mug you have there Marlene
The first weekend in October we were at the "Rip City Riders Chilly Billy Fun Run"!
And we shared $30,000 in donations between the Polly Klass Foundation and ourselves
In October up till Halloween we had the Duckies set up at the Blind Scream in Rohnert Park

Followed by the Beer Geeks at the Veterans Hall in Santa Rosa on November 3

Click here for all the pictures from that event
Burbank Garden's Association is preforming a coat drive for us at two locations. One is at the Daredevil & Queens Barber Shop, 122 4th St. (near Railroad Square, same location as Omelet Express)
And the other is at 606 Santa Rosa Avenue, the Hydroponic Warehouse
Crazy Rudolph's Christmas Tree lot opend on the 21st of November in the Veterans Memorial Bluilding parking lot and the Duckey Booth was open and selling and giving away ducks to children till the 12th of December when they closed.
Here's all the pictures from the Ducky Booth in the Christmas tree lot
On December 11th Dr Nagra held his traditional Lunch
Here are the pictures from the lunch
Our last meeting for 2018 was held on December 18th where the membership elected the Board of Directors for 2019. Clicking on this will take you to the Board of Directors page where you can see the new board for 2019
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