PACT ACT and Gulf War, Post 9/11 Veterans


I hope you all are doing well. I'm wondering if you might be able to share these flyer/email within your office staff, Veteran clients as well as to contacts you have that interact with Veterans. We are trying to do a last push of outreach for Veterans impacted by the Sept 30 PACT Act deadline. I've attached the flyer and a handout about PACT as well as the email draft below that you can use if you'd like.  Thank you so much in advance for your help with this.  Please see attached for the flyers with info on the VA's special enrollment period.

Also, we are having a resource fair at SFVA on 9/30 (Saturday) from 10-1.  I've included a flyer for the resource fair. Veterans will be able to get a toxic exposure screening, BP check and flu shot as well as assistance with VA health care enrollment, appt scheduling and VA ID cards. There will be some other resources including VBA and some VA programs and services they can connect with.  Do you have any recommendations of Veterans groups that I should send this to in Marin County?

Lastly, SFVA created a new patient appointment scheduling hotline. I've attached a flyer with that phone number. It also contains a QR code to the SFVA new patient webpage that includes the new patient orientation booklet.

Thanks very much for sharing all this! Hope to connect again soon. ??

Last year the PACT Act legislation was signed into law, expanding VA health care and benefits to Veterans exposed to burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxic substances. One crucial deadline of September 30, 2023 is quickly approaching that directly impacts VA health care eligibility for Gulf War and Post-9/11 Era Veterans. During this special enrollment period, the income threshold eligibility criteria is waived. If you've never applied for VA health care or if you have applied for VA health care before and were denied due to income, please contact SFVA!

Many Veterans have heard about the PACT Act but aren't sure whether the law impacts their care and benefits. The SFVA team welcomes and encourages Veterans to contact us with questions.

If you find that you aren't impacted directly by the PACT Act, you still might be eligible for VA health care and other Veteran benefits so we encourage you to reach out as well!



Kathleen Mink, LCSW
Health Systems Specialist
Outreach Specialist
Office of Strategic Planning
San Francisco VA

(415) 254-6842

Veteran Crisis Line: Dial 988, then push 1