Pictured above is (left to right) Richard Jones (Vet Connect President), Bruce Thomson (The Ducky Commander), Sgt Monty Bernardo (lost both legs and his left hand), Ken Holybee (VVA 223) Dave Phillips (Sarge), and Dave Kistenmacher (Vet Connect Vice President and present keeper of the Ducks).

In 2012 Bruce Thomson ( The Ducky Commander ) heard of a fund raiser being put on in Petaluma, for SSgt Monty Bernardo who was recovering at Walter Reed back East from an IED attack that took both his legs and his left hand. The fund raiser was so his family could go and see him and lend him some emotional support, especially by his mother, Bruce contacted her and ask if she would like the duckies there he was told yes. Other groups were also going to do fund raisers however when that not happen Bruce took it on himself to assist Monty's family and after some reflection decided upon selling rubber ducks to continue to help supplement Monty's family's needs.

Bruce originally was selling the ducks in 2010 under the sales pitch of "A Buck A Duck!" And it took off!! And Bruce started supporting Monty's family in helping him get back on his feet. Monty moved to Texas where the state took him under their wing and Monty had to beg Bruce to stop sending him funds.
But the Ducky Booth lives on to this day even though Bruce has also passed on. You can fiind it at the Farmer's Market at the Vets Building most Saturday Mornings, also at Wednesday Night Market, The Big Q Bar-B-Q, The Rosa Parade and Human Race, as well as many more events here in the community.
And the mission of the Ducky Booth hasn't changed. Bring in revenue to help needy Veterans here in Sonoma County. Next time you see us, stop on by and get a duck or two. A local Veteran will thank you.